Broadhaven Primary School UFO Landing
4th February 1977

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On the 4th February 1977, a group of children reported seeing a silver saucer-shaped object on the ground in the field behind the primary school playing fields. The precise number of witnesses seems to be unclear - varying between 11 and 15 in different accounts.

The head teacher had the children make drawings of what they'd seen and was surprised by the general similarity of what they drew. More or less all the drawings showed something large, grey/silver and generally oval in shape. As well as this, some of the children drew a red light on the top - and a couple of them also drew a figure which they claimed to have seen standing next to the 'craft', dressed in silver.

The field itself was the site of a sewage works, and it has often been suggested down the years that the children - perhaps excited by the fad created by Star Wars - mistook the rear end of a slurry tanker, or a feature of the sewage works itself.

The following clip (taken from Channel 5's recent series 'Britain's Closest Encounters') includes interviews with some of the children and some of those who investigated the sighting at the time.

In 2006, a US airman, stationed at the nearby US naval base at Brawdy came forward to point out that the description of a silver suited figure matched to some degree the kind of protective suit routinely worn by US Nacy firefighters.

A competing explanation came from local businessman Glyn Edwards, who claimed (in a 1996 interview with The Western Mail) to have wandered around the area in a silver suit:

"Alien sightings were all the rage, so I took a stroll around for a bit of fun."

With so many theories on the table it may never be certain what it was that the children saw (or thought they saw) on that long ago winter morning, but for some of them it remains a baffling encounter with beings from another world.

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