About Weird Island

Hi! I'm Paul Carpenter, and I am the owner and benign dictator of this website. Why do I labour over it? Because I'm interested in that sort of shit - and hopefully you are too. I carried the germ of the idea of this site around for years in my head, and various sites like it have cropped up in the meantime, but that's life.

What I'd like is for YOU to contribute (you can register here). The unusual psychic geography of Britain is all too often dominated by the usual suspects: Stonehenge, Tower of London, blah blah etc.

I hope, in some small way, to capture the local and regional oddities, sightings and portents that will never receive the kind of attention afforded to the Cerne Abbas Giant. Maybe you've seen a ghost, been visited by fairies, are privy to a well-kept local secret or can accurately pinpoint the location of a famous murder. If so, then feel free to share your esoteric knowledge.

Site Development

I'm neither a brilliant web designer nor an outstanding programmer. Probably my writing isn't up to all that much. As a researcher I don't have much time or resources at my disposal. As such, you'll find things missing, broken, half-written and god knows what else. Boo hoo. One day it will be better. Keep the faith.

Copyright and all that

I don't know much about copyright laws, but if I find you copying stuff that people have contributed to this site, expect retribution - and I reserve to use any method from a polite email to a low-yield nuclear device.

And likewise, if you've come here to copy and paste other people's work onto this site, get thee hence! While we're all using the same sources in a lot of cases, there's no excuse to use the same fucking words - get a thesaurus!

Offense, censorship and so on

If you're old enough to read then you're old enough to know that people say stupid shit. Probably stuff that's personally offensive and so on. Well, that's just tough shit - I haven't started this project to spend my time adjudicating internet catfights. If you don't like something, challenge it by all means, but if you start a flame war that isn't interesting enough I'll delete it, and possibly your account. So think on, as my Gran used to say.